Children’s Feet

Children’s Feet

Kids should be free to run, play, explore and adventure. We help keep it this way. 

From the moment they take their first step to the moment their bones reach full maturity, kids are always growing, developing and changing. While this is perfectly normal, developing pain or discomfort isn’t. Pain is our body’s way of letting us know that something isn’t working quite right – and more often than not, it’s something that we can help with. 

We’re parents too – so know exactly what it’s like to feel uncertain about whether what your child is experiencing is ‘normal’ – or not. We love helping kids build a solid foundation to keep growing and developing well, so they can realise their potential and work towards their goals for success! 

If you’ve noticed anything unusual about your kid’s feet or legs, or they aren’t acting like their happy, active selves, we’d love to help. Some of the problems we help with include: 

● Growing pains in the heel (Sever’s Disease) 

● Growing pains in the knee (Osgood Schlatter’s Disease) 

● In-toeing 

● Out-toeing 

● Flat feet 

● Running pain 

● Foot, leg & knee pain 

● Joint hypermobility – maintaining strength 

● Knock knees 

● Bowed legs 

● Metatarsus Adductus