Safely And Effectively Eliminate Fungal Toenail Infections For Good! 

After years of not having an effective solution available for our patients to treat fungal nail infections, we couldn’t be happier to have added Clearanail to our list of services – and neither we nor our patients have ever looked back! 

The Clearanail antifungal system uses a micro-drill (when we say micro, we mean approximately 0.4mm diameter) to drill holes in the nail plate of the nails that are affected by fungus. These holes allow us to reach the fungus that is often beneath and within the nail – as fungus feeds on the keratin that your nails are made of – hence the white/yellow discolouration and flakiness that often develops. We start with terbinafine, a proven and powerful antifungal, to then flow through the micro-penetrations in the nail plate and destroy the fungus and its spores. Of course, we test your toenail first to confirm which spores are infecting it. 

We schedule follow-up appointments at 4, 8 and 12 weeks to ensure we are on track with the treatment and we are seeing results as expected. 

This is where the Clearanail system also has a significant difference over every other cream, lacquer and antifungal polish you’ve tried – clearanail actually penetrates through the nail, whereas these other topical agents just coat the impenetrable surface. 

We love Clearanail because it is: 

● Pain-free 

● Safe 

● Effective 

● Easy 

● Only requires one appointment 

Since bringing this treatment to our clinic, it’s been a pleasure to see men and women alike be proud to wear sandals or bare feet and to finally get rid of their fungal nail infections after trying for so long! 

If you have any questions about Clearanail or would like to book your appointment, give us a call on (03) 972 2927 – or book online here