General Podiatry

General Podiatry

Expert Care For A Variety Of Lower Limb Skin And Nail Conditions 

General podiatry care appointments involve caring for a variety of skin and nail conditions of the lower limbs, as opposed to managing musculoskeletal pain, injuries or alignment problems. The number of things we can check and help with is quite extensive and includes: 

● Alleviating pain from ingrown toenails conservatively 

● Performing ingrown toenail surgery for permanent correction 

● Treating fungal nail infections 

● Treating athletes foot (fungal skin infections) 

● Removing corns (hard corns, soft corns and seed corns) using a scalpel 

● Treating plantar warts 

● Assessing and dressing wounds 

● Managing ulcers 

● Removing callus from your feet 

● Debriding cracked heels to a soft, smooth heel surface 

● Providing advice to help manage foot odour 

● Diagnosing infections (and treating where possible or referring out) 

● Referring for ultrasound or x-ray where you are having unexplained symptoms 

● Assessing the sensation in your feet, checking for neuropathy 

● Assessing the blood flow to the feet 

● Helping you manage the effects of diabetes on your feet 

● Advising on and helping you manage gout 

● Advising on and helping you manage both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis 

● Diagnosis and advice for chilblains 

● Helping prevent and manage blisters 

● Maintaining optimal foot health by addressing skin maceration and breakdown between the toes 

● Reducing the thickness of your toenails where they have grown thick and large 

● Trimming your toenails 

We know – there’s a lot on the list! We start with the main issues you’re experiencing first (or the primary reason you’ve come in to see us) and work through any additional concerns you have in the time that we have together. Often, this appointment looks like getting thick nails trimmed and 

thinned and removing any corns and callus. For others, this may be treating their warts or cracked heels. Whatever your concern is, we’ll do our best to provide you with as much relief and care as possible.