Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Heel Pain Doesn’t Just Get Better Over Time – It Can Also Get Much Worse.

When heel pain starts, it can be very difficult to treat and get rid of completely. This is due to one simple reason – because we’re actively using and loading the bones, muscles, joints and ligaments in our feet with every step we take! This means that while many people put up with their heel pain in the hopes that it will get better on its own – they forget that it also has the potential to get much worse. This is where we come in. 

We understand that despite injuring your heel, you still have a life to live and things to do, which is why we’ve made treating heel pain effectively one of our specialities. It’s also why having timely and effective care for heel pain is so important – so that you don’t continue to stay in pain, you stop it from getting worse, and you prevent it from repeatedly coming back in the future. 

Depending on your problem, we use a number of tools and treatments to effectively manage heel pain and get you back to moving well and feeling great. We treat a variety of different causes of heel pain, including: 

● Plantar fasciitis 

● Abductor hallucis tendinopathy 

● Achilles tendinopathy 

● Ankle sprains and pains 

● Haglund’s deformity 

● Heel spurs 

● Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) 

● Plantar fat pad atrophy 

Whether your heel pain has developed at age 1 or 100, we pride ourselves on helping our Marlborough community get rid of their heel pain – and keep it gone.