We create tailored orthotics especially for your feet, your symptoms, and your life.

If you’ve never had a pair of orthotics before, you may think of them as simple shoe inserts that work to cushion your feet as you walk. The truth is that they are so much more. 

Orthotics (or orthoses) are medical devices that manipulate the biomechanical function of the bones, joints and tissues in your feet and

legs. By controlling the way your foot functions, we’re able to alleviate pressure away from injured areas, address the cause of your foot lower limb problems, reduce your risk of future injury, and so much more. 

Each pair of orthotics is prescribed from a specific purpose, with the knowledge of exactly what is happening with your feet or legs – and how we can help them. This why all orthotics are prescribed following a comprehensive biomechanical examination and gait analysis. 

From there, your Podiatrist will discuss with you the best type of orthotic for your feet. It may be a: 

  • Modified prefabricated orthotic – these orthotics have been specifically chosen as they already have a predetermined shape and initial support level. We will then modify this orthotic, adding the right support, control and other additions we need to help manage your symptoms and help you to feel your best on your feet. These orthotics are adjusted during your appointment (unless they require extensive modifications) and are distributed on the same day. They last from 6-24 months based on your activity.
  • Custom designed orthotic – these orthotics are designed and manufactured from a prescription form composed by your podiatrist, to meet precise specifications. A 3D scan or cast mold of your feet is made, and your orthotic is designed from this image. This ensures accuracy when it comes to the positioning of the orthotic features. These orthotics take up to two weeks to be made and can last from 2-10 years. 

Whether you’re wanting to feel less fatigued on your feet after long days at work, or you’ve developed pain or sustained an injury, the first step to feeling better on your feet is to come in for an assessment with one of our knowledgeable podiatrists. We’ll discuss if orthotics will be an appropriate part of your management plan.